Dragon Unraveled Cover - A barechested man with red dragon wings.

Dragon Unraveled – an Amber City Shifters novel

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She needs his blood. He wants her soul.

Siena Cameron is the unofficial fixer of her witch family. With no powers of her own, it’s the only way she has of helping the family business. So, when her brothers break the relic amplifying everyone’s magic, it’s up to her to get the glue—dragon blood. Specifically, the one belonging to the world’s biggest witch-hater dragon.

No big deal. Surely, getting a drop of blood won’t be that hard for someone as resourceful as her, will it?

Adrian Vel hates witches. Especially, the Cameron witches. They’re the reason he only has access to a fraction of his dragon-shifter power, and when Siena lands at his doorstep, he can’t believe his luck.

Siena is everything he’s ever needed to break the curse, and Adrian will do whatever it takes to gain his powers back. Even if it means lying to her and dragging her on a one-way trip to sacrifice her at the altar of gleeful vengeance. But maybe the witch is far more wily than he had anticipated, because once she starts to burrow into his heart, extracting his vengeance no longer seems quite so exciting…

Dragon Undone

Dragon Undone – an Amber City Shifters novel

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The last thing the dragon needs is for a human to undo his heart. Too bad.

People think Nara hasn’t found her true calling yet, but Nara’s pretty sure she’s meant to be Drake’s mate. So what if he’s a powerful dragon shifter and she’s as basic of a human as one can get? When you know, you know.

As one of the few dragon shifters around, Drake’s worth is only second to his arrogance. So when one of the humans working for his shifter enclave offers herself as his mate, it’s just one more thing befitting his station. Except her kisses and her warmth are doing funny things to him, things he’s not sure he wants done. Will he accept her for the treasure she is, or will he allow his arrogance to get in the way of happiness?

Warrior’s Regret – A Rejected Mates Paranormal Romance

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A swift rejection. A lingering curiosity. Will the warrior regret his choice?

Aster is fed up. Winter has been long and lonely and it’s time to take the mate-matching test available for demon hybrids like her. Good news: she has a true mate. Bad news: he rejects her sight unseen. Worse news: everyone at work finds out, and there is no hole deep enough to hide her humiliation.

Until an offer for a new job at a distant hybrid warriors base comes in.

Working for the warriors who protect humanity is great, and to top it off, the commander who’s caught her eye seems to return her interest. But with a true mate lurking in the shadows, will anyone really risk a future with her?

As a hybrid warrior high in the ranks, Cole Yates has no time for a mate, and when his friends almost trick him into meeting his, “Hell, no” is all he has to say. Except now he can’t seem to stop wondering about her, and when a job opens at the base, it’s the most natural thing to suggest her name. Hands-off, business-only, of course.

Yet Aster is nothing like he had expected, and as the attraction grows, Cole wonders if it’s too late to change his choice, and if Aster will want anything to do with him if he admits he’s the one who rejected her.

Once Upon a Forbidden Desire

Once Upon a Forbidden Desire (Anthology)

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When it comes to true love, rules are meant to be broken …

Dark forests and locked doors, poisoned apples and forbidden lovers … Bold heroines and swoon-worthy heroes break all the rules in this enchanting anthology of the fairy tales you thought you knew.

Once Upon A Forbidden Desire features 20 enticing fairy tale retellings by a diverse selection of fantasy romance authors. From sweet true love’s kisses to sizzling passion, from modern streets to enchanted forests, and from a mage Rapunzel to a winged Prince Charming …

If you enjoy captivating romance, enthralling new worlds, and stories with a taste of the forbidden, these happily ever afters will leave you spellbound. Give in to the temptation and grab your copy of Once Upon a Forbidden Desire now.

About November Dawn:

November Dawn enjoys nothing more than spending her evenings with a good book and her nights coming up with her own stories—with a paranormal twist, of course!

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